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5 Reasons Everybody Must Watch Akshay Kumar’s Padman

Akshay Kumar's Padman
Akshay Kumar's Padman

5 Reasons Everybody Must Watch Akshay Kumar’s Padman: As many of us always complain that Indian cinema doesn’t have right content to provide in front of genuine audience who want to see educational topics. There are lots of movies available on reel life heroes like Superman, Spider man and Bat man etc. who had multiple powers to do something beyond the limits of human person.

But in actual life they doesn’t even exist to watch for anybody, because the main motive of its creators is to provide some sort of entertainment to kids especially.

In our country there are lots of real life heroes to whom no reel hero can match his capabilities. These people have done something brilliant for the society even by going against their own family members. But many of them got success and always shines to provide real strength and motivation to the people of the country.

Same kind of story is available in Akshay kumar’s latest movie “Padman”. He took initiative to present brave man “Arunachalam Muruganantham”.

5 Reasons Everybody Must Watch Akshay Kumar’s “Padman”

1.  Based on True Story: Not many of us are aware of this fact about the movie that “PadMan” is based on a true story. It is an inspiring tale of a man named Arunachalam Muruganantham, a social entrepreneur from Coimbatore. He invented and manufactured a low-cost sanitary pad making machine, which later appreciated by many. But he struggles to achieve this goal even by fighting up with his own wife and family members.

Padman Based on True Story

2. Promising Star Cast: We all are aware of the name when it comes to do this kind of true story based movies, yes, it’s Akshay Kumar comes with critically aclaimed actress of bollywood “Radhika Apte”. Radhika is another brilliant actor of the industry who could do pure justice to the role in biopic of super hero. Another famous name of is joining the duo in the movie that is “Sonam Kapoor”.

Padman Promising Star Cast
Star Cast

3. Creates Awareness: A major objective to make “akshay kumar’s Padman” is to create awareness in between women of backward caste and men about the existence of sanitary pads. 82% women in India don’t use sanitary pads for reasons such as lack of knowledge, awareness and lack of money. It was most necessary topic to create a biopic because most people of the country have to understand the gravity of problem through this movie.

Padman Creates Awareness

4. Breaking The Stereotypes: Most of us especially men are always feel shy to talk about the “periods“. The movie is directly addressing the issue of mensurational hygiene and sanitary pad importance, which is actually making a huge impact everywhere. Our beloved actor Akshay make all of the men of country to feel proud by putting this issue in front of the society.

Padman Breaks Stereotypes
Breaks Stereotypes

5. Talks About Women Empowerment: This is the main theme of Padman, where Akshay is trying to create awareness about mensuration hygiene and sanitary pads. We all will be surprised after knowing that 89% women in our country don’t use sanitary pads and get affected with cervical cancer. It is just because of the lack of knowledge, money and sources etc.

Padman about Women Empowerment
Women Empowerment

These are the main “5 Reasons Everybody Must Watch Akshay Kumar’s Padman” multiples times in theaters because this is the only way we can put our efforts to support these kind of people who make all of us proud with such topics.



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