Is Kangana Really Playing Women’s Card In His Matter With Bollywood Stars!

Bollywood being an industry for professional life is really a well, where you can get entered but if you want huge success then you have to hold the hands of familiar personalities. In other words if you want clear meaning then its “Godfather” of the industry who can make you famous with in days or even ruin your life to the next extant that you can’t imagine. Lots of actors available in the industry who has already been shared this bitter truth of Bollywood life with in their latest and old interviews with different sources.


Nothing depends upon the gender that only women have been going through this tough situation where they have to meet with harassment in different formats. These are the pathetic truth of this glamorous world that normal people aren’t able to watch in depth. Yes, it’s more in quantity that girls are bigger victim of these kind of situation in the B-Town. City that never sleeps doesn’t define the real meaning of thoughtful life of the people what they actually think accordingly.

There is huge no. of actresses who comes to the city to become famous actor and get the fame and money with their quality efforts. But some people like to take advantage of their sweetness and innocence.  But here we talk about the latest brave lady of bollywood- “Kangana Ranaut” who has spoken fluently and fearlessly in front of media about here recent relation ships with different people in B-town and the incidents happened with her there.

Different people has already created their own perception regarding this young lady that why she has came to this industry if she already knew these things commonly happens there. Many said the she could create stories to get sympathy from people around the country. Means, some are in favour of her and many are against and disagree with her statements.

Only kangana and her relations can tell about the real truth behind this who story. But here we see that she has taken a tremendous step to get the mask of those people who really do these kinds of dirty things in the film industry. These people aren’t unknown from the public of the nation, because we know that these kind of people are available at many places and in Bollywood these are in huge quantity and already created their own mafia.


On one side we should admire and appraise this beautiful queen of Bollywood who took initiative to speak against those people who are really a big threat to our society. They don’t even think that they also have families and if any one do the same thing with their own family members then how ‘ll they feel.  Those people might be richest and powerful personalities in the industry.

Being Logicals Doesn’t support any kind of fake facts but just want to say you that you should think about this topic by yourself and make effective and logical reasons behind the whole fact. But truth should come in-front of the people so they can be aware about these kind of people around the world.

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