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Padmavat: Karni Sena Once Again Showed Their Anger By Doing Damages In Kessel Mall In Kurukshetra

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Padmavat: Karni Sena Once Again Showed Their Anger By Doing Damages In Cassle Malle In Kurukshetra: Even after getting clearance from supreme court and sensor board, sanjay leela bhansali’s movie “Padmavat” has been trapped again by the Karni Sena at different places around the country. Yes the recent incident has been happened in Kurukshetra (Haryana), where karni sena has appeared in Kessel Mall in kurukshetra.


In recent news some youngsters from karni sena has entered the mall in sunday evening with some swords to make damage in the mall. They were 20-25 in total counting and after entering into the mall they started breaking the glasses of shops in mall. The boys returned towards the same park in sector-17 from where they came from.

Because it was holiday, there were lot of people visited the mall but after watching these incidents they all were scared for a while. Nobody moved towards any where at that point of time. The security guards of the mall couldn’t understand what was happening all around the mall. Even when they tried to stop the mob from doing all the things, they have ran away from the mall.

Then police has reached at the incident place and checked the CCTV footage of all the boys. Some clothes were wearing on all of their faces. The mall owner said that they are going to show film “Padmavat” on 25th of January.  Those people doesn’t want to run the show anywhere around the country. Police has made taken the owner under confidence and promised to give them full security.

Same things were happened in DND under the eyes of police in Delhi. Even then police hasn’t taken any strict actions against the mob. These are totally ridiculous things happening around the country just for banning a film. It should be depend upon the people of the country whether they want to see the movie or not. They all have their minds and can utilize it fully.

It’s just a film and director already clarified that there is nothing to harm the feelings of any community around the country. Then why all these things has been happening since last one or two months.

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