Who Are Rohingya Muslims? Why they haven’t their own country?

“Rohingya muslims” are basically coming from Myanmar and doesn’t have any particular space on this planet that they could say it their own. Myanmar denies them by asking that they aren’t their own citizens and they have to move and find some other place. This seems totally disaster for these people, because not all have any fault in this issue with Buddhist in Myanmar. Yes, it is noticeable that some “Rohingya muslims” had conflict with the people of Myanmar a few years ago which hasn’t been settles by the local government in the sake of these people’s lives.

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We can’t say about the personal matter of that country because every one has their own rights and responsibilities that they can practice at their own land. But the common people form these muslim community have to face lots of problems to shift from one to another place. For these days they have taken sheds in the land of “Bangladesh”, but they are in huge quantity that this country can’t take full responsibilities of these people. Near about 3 to 4 lakh people have already reached there by boats and walk through the water themselves.

But in today’s time there is no one comes to help these people to get out of this life threatening disaster. If we think from one perspective then no body can allow them to enter and live at their own place as we do in our own normal life also. In the second one all have to think and watch it from the humanity levels, that advised us to help other people if they are in deep trouble.

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In “India” central government already applied in “Respectful Supreme Court” that they can’t afford Rohingya muslims to live in our country. They have their own point that these people aren’t legal citizens of our country and can’t be allowed to live here and enjoy any of the rights that a normal Indian do. They said these people that are already available in our country have to move back to other land as soon as possible.

Now it is watchful that what will be the decision of Our Respectful Court about these people and bangladesh’s further movements can describe the future of these people. Hope they can get a peaceful and safe space to get healthy life.

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