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Why Did Shyam Rangila Who Brilliant “Mimicry of Modi” Get Out of The Show!

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Why Did Shyam Rangila Who Brilliant “Mimicry of Modi” Get Out of The Show!: There is no need to introduce the person who got lime light in little time through his best stand up comedy performance in laughter challenge show. He has done so amazing that all the people of country gave him amazing response either its on social media or in his personal life. Yes, here we are talking about “Shyam Rangila” who gave amazing performance in his first attempt in the show .



We can’t believe that he has been thrown out of the show from the channel just because he did mimicry of Prime Minister Modi. Even modi won’t mind with this kind of performance from the young lad. He hasn’t done anything wrong and even didn’t say any thing wrong about the Prime minister or anyone else available in the politics.

But with the cheap efforts from channel shows that there isn’t place for right people in their own thinking. But there should be some one who can teach them right lesson that there should right space for right talent. Now as the news comes from shyam’s side that channel had told him not to do mimicry of modi and rahul otherwise they won’t telecast the show on air and will also remove him from the show.

When shyam denied to change the script for his performance they threw him out of the show immediately. But as with the grace of god, no one can get luck and hard work from any one around the the globe. What ever is yours you will get it at right time. Now Shyam has got more publicity than any other comedian in the show.

We wish him best for his upcoming career and life. Shaym should prove him self in this field and this will be amazing reply to the people who criticized him.


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